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                                                                                               **Training Information**





Training options-
Working with problem horses, neglect and abuse cases
Ground work with youngsters
Horses can be trained English and Western for:
Speed events
Starting over fences
Basic Dressage and Event training ( we have access to Stadium courses and Cross-Country field 15 minutes from our farm)
   We are very experienced with confidence building for horses, working with aggressive, abused and nervous horses. No case is to big or to small, and NO horse will ever be turned down due to past or present issues. Every horse is treated as our own, and started with patience. Each horse develops a strong understanding of groundwork and has a solid foundation before they continue their under-saddle training. We work on confidence, trust and thinking before reacting while on the ground.
   We work with the owner so the transition is much easier when the horse returns home and the owner is able to continue the training confidently. We make every training session pleasureable and in return all of our horses love to work! No horse is pushed beyond their ability before they are ready.
Prices are to be determined depending on each training case, our prices range from $250-500 and include field board. Field board includes hay, grain, blanketing, fly-masking and fly spraying as well as daily grooming/handling when not being worked with. Each horse is handled every day even if they are not worked with. We take pride in our horses and our training and it shows in all the horses attitudes.
Some other basics that are instilled in the horse are-
Standing for Farrier/Vet
Trailer-loading as well as trailering calmly
Trail-Riding calmy and confidently
Flexing on the ground as well as Under-Saddle
Being Responsive to all aids (stopping, moving forwards, leg yields, etc)
Above are just SOME of our training options but not all.
Please email or call to find out what we can do for you and your horse! 
(Training can be pro-rated as well!)